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Mulberry Hobo Statchel Bag Natural Leather Oak

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New this season: Mulberry Hobo Statchel Bag Natural Leather Oak, a beautifully sleek and sophisticated handbag by Mulberry Satchel Bags glamour with plenty of space that will fit almost any outfit for a daily occasion.

Mulberry Hobo Statchel Bag Natural Leather Oak

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Product Description


Mulberry Hobo Statchel Bag Natural Leather Oak will make a luxurious addition to your party portfolio. Tuck Mulberry Satchel Bags under your arm with tuxedo-inspired tailoring, adding the optional shoulder straps to hit the dance floor in style.

Mulberry Satchel Bags

Material: Natural Leather
Size: H35*W39*D14cm

Natural Leather
A mulberry favourite,this leather is tanned using a natural vegetable tanning technique. The soft leather retains the individual grain pattern of the skin,making each bag unique.


Mulberry's advice is to regularly treat the product with collonil waterstop spray, which will help reduce dirt and water marks as well as assist in preserving the 

natural characteristics of this unique leather.

If the surface appears dull,rub lightly with a soft, dry cloth. should the product get wet,please remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel,pack loosely 

with paper and allow to dry naturally.

Never place in direct heat or sunlight for prolonged periods as this may cause the colour to fade unevenly.

Please avoid rubbing against fragile or lightly-coloured clothing.

Special care should be taken to prevent scratching and making; avoid placing the product on rough or sharp surfaces.

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